Accelerating the transition to a regenerative future.

Value for society. Value for business.


Our global, impact-led consulting firm empowers organizations to create value for society while creating value for their business.

We attract purpose-driven talent, provide evidence-based advice to help our clients navigate and shape their industry, and catalyze impact solutions. An “impact pathway” clarifies and focuses an organization’s intended societal goals, helping to develop strategies, actions, and measurement needed to achieve their intended outcomes. This approach defines how we collaborate with clients. No matter where you are on your journey, our team of experts can help you set, monitor, and achieve sustainability ambitions, while creating value for society and your business. Impact Pathways Inc., a Public Benefit Corporation, was founded in 2024 after spinning out of Independence Point Advisors, an investment bank and strategic advisory firm.


We attract purpose-driven people passionate about driving value for our clients and for society.


Our principles and how we work.

Six key guiding principles underscore our approach to working with you.


Outcomes matter. We accelerate solutions that tackle your business issues while addressing global challenges. We help businesses create positive change while growing profitably.


Data should drive decision-making. Our work leverages industry frameworks and guidance and evaluates the quality and credibility of data to empower informed decisions.


Change needs to stick. We focus on capability building within your team to support the long-term outcomes you are seeking.


Sustainability doesn’t happen in a vacuum. We incorporate direct and indirect feedback from impacted stakeholders including employees, investors, & regulators.


Let’s not overcomplicate it. We make sustainability accessible in a compelling and simple manner that is easily understood by all.


We connect the dots. By embracing a systems-based approach and fostering partnerships, we break silos and address challenges holistically.


We believe the thriving businesses of tomorrow will be those that invest in creating positive, lasting societal change.

We work with corporates of all sizes, public and private investors, and impact companies looking to scale their solutions.


Corporates are addressing sustainability risks and opportunities. They need innovative solutions to meet their goals and respond to stakeholder expectations. Our extensive experience supporting corporate clients makes us valuable partners for organizations aiming to connect with stakeholders, drive social progress, and maximize business value.


Capital providers understand the risks and value associated with ESG and impact but may not want to build capabilities in-house. We advise investors on ESG and impact strategies at the firm-, portfolio-, and investment-level while supporting a pipeline for investment.


Companies addressing major world challenges with their products and services need different support and connections to grow and scale their business. Our network of business consultants can help achieve financial and impact outcomes by leveraging our ecosystem of corporates and investors.


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